Address: 540 W 400 S, Genola, UT 84655
Phone: 801-754-3152
Fax: 801-754-5322

For the following questions or issues, the appropriate contact is listed below

 Design and consultation prior to production
 Requests and quotes for new materials, door styles, hardware, options and accessories...
 Color samples 
 Door samples
 Color matching and development

 Order submission
 Order confirmation
 Hap or
 Supplemental Orders Rick
 Production scheduling
 Shipping and Delivery
 "On the Road" driver contact Mike
 Accounts Receivable
 CabinetVision training Hap, Mark
 CabinetVision technical questions
 CabinetVision software installation and support
 Hap or Braedon
 Braedon or Ruth

    Mark Davis                Ext. 113                     
    Hap Hannig               Ext. 117                     
    Rick Wullschleger     Ext. 115                    
    Ruth Davis                                                   
    Braedon Watson      Ext. 118                    
    Diana Thomas          Ext. 110                    
    Kim Black                   Ext. 123                     
    Mike Brownfield       Cell 1-801-707-3448 

Shop Hours: Davis Mill and Cabinet working hours are from 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday – Thursday. The shop operates on four 10 hour shifts - Fridays are not a regular work day. Fridays and Saturdays are available on an appointment only basis. Davis Mill and Cabinet does not work, accept phone calls, or respond to emails on Sundays. We ask that you please respect our working hours and do not procrastinate bid requests and other time consuming questions until the last minute of the day or wait until Fridays or Saturdays.